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Ten years ago Oregonians smartly passed a constitutional amendment requiring any tax increase be approved by a super-majority of both the State House and State Senate.   


Now, 10 years later, our state legislature is playing tricks on us! 


Because they can't get a super-majority to vote for a tax increase, Politicians are creating and increasing "assessments" and "fees" that are really tax increases. They are have already raised over 560 tax and fee increases in the past two years. They have attempted to increase taxes on small businesses, phase out property tax deductions, and eliminate mortgage interest deductions, all without a super-majority vote. Why?  Because, they only need a simple majority to implement and raise fees and assessments. 


It's time to put a stop to this! A Tax is a Tax. You can call it a fee, an assessment, or a penalty but what it really is, is a tax that should be approved by a super-majority in the State House and the State House.


That's exactly what Initiative Petition 31, the A Tax is a Tax Amendment will do! As the East Oregonian newspaper recently noted that IP 31 is:


“…a statewide ballot measure that would change what types of revenue-related measures require a 60% majority vote in each chamber of the Legislature. The measure amends the constitution to require that all fee and tax increases, credits, exemptions and deductions receive a (60%) three-fifths majority vote to pass” 


East Oregonian March 29, 2018


The threat is real, and we must pass IP 31 to protect Oregonians from higher taxes. With your support we can get IP 31 on the ballot and End Easy Tax Hikes.


Read the proposed amendment here: http://oregonvotes.org/irr/2018/031text.pdf

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